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Can Medical Abortion Cause Scarring

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Does Cytotec Make You Have Contractions

Cytotec is a, oral medication this is commonly used to induce labor in women and works by softening the cervix to allow easier dilation (known as “ripening”) and producing contractions. In most cases, Cytotec is a safe and reliable medication that can make labor easier for women when administered correctly. Higher doses of Pitocin will generally stimulate the uterine muscles more, causing more frequent and intense contractions. The goal is to achieve a pattern of 3 contractions every 10 minutes that last around 40-60 seconds. The cervix should be dilating at a rate of 1 cm per hour, and the dose should be reduced once the cervix has dilated to 5-7cm. Cytolog/ Cytotec is a medicine that contributes to the medical pregnancy termination procedure. The drug is consumed to pass pregnancy tissues from the body. Cytolog is taken along with either (1) Mifeprex (2) generic RU486. Dosage: Four pills of Cytolog can pass pregnancy tissues of up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Advantages Of Misoprostol In Pregnancy

In general, the evidence demonstrates advantages of misoprostol over available alternatives for use in medical management of miscarriage and termination of pregnancy in the first and second trimesters. The advantages are that it is at least as effective as alternatives, has fewer side effects, is more practical to use and is cheaper. Published randomised trials have a wide variety of misoprostol doses (20–200 μ g) and frequency of administration (1–6 hourly). Some protocols use a single dose for the whole induction period, whereas others escalate the dose until the desired effect is achieved. Some use misoprostol purely for cervical ripening and replace it with an. It occurs in up to 50% of conceptions, 15% of clinically recognized pregnancies, 2–6% of pregnancies where fetal heart is detected and it will affect 1 in 4 women during their lifetime 1, 2....

Can Medical Abortion Cause Scarring

Can Medical Abortion Cause Scarring

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