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Program Stats

G'day, this is a long overdue program update.

From April 4th to April 18, we had a team of twelve canvassers go through the towns of Laidley, Rosewood, Gatton, and surrounding suburbs.

It was an Amazing 2 weeks! The Lord blessed immensely!

Over the 8 days we canvassed, the Lord blessed us with being able to distribute a total of 1,005 books, DVDs, and pamphlets; and over 6,500 GLOW tracts! Praise the Lord!!

Book Stats

  1. 194 Health books

  2. 131 Great Controversy's

  3. 564 Steps to Christ (big and small version)

  4. 29 Kids books

  5. 23 DVDs


Find inspiring testimonies from the program here >>


Blessings and we'll see you at the next program!

Youth Sowing Truth Team

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