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Youth Sowing Truth is a group of young, dedicated Seventh-day Adventists with a desire to see other young people within the church become sowers of truth. We desire to equip young people for this service, giving them the training they need to become successful Gospel workers. We want to help establish them in the faith, giving them an opportunity to experience God using them to reach others, and in so doing, finding satisfaction and joy in serving the Lord. What the canvassing work has accomplished in each of us, we long to see accomplished in all Seventh-day Adventist young people that attend our programs. We desire for each young person – through the power of the Holy Spirit – to be ignited with the same fire that burns within our hearts, so that they are on fire for the Lord. This is our hearts desire and mission.

Meet The Team


Michael Richards


Michael has had a passion for canvassing ever since he started back in 2015. It has given him the opportunity to share his faith with many people across the globe who are longing to know more about the Saviour that died for them and loves them so much. Now as one of the leaders of Youth Sowing Truth, he has a desire to train and encourage young people in this important work.


Geoffrey Furaha


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Geoffrey is a very happy person who lives out his last name Furaha ( meaning 'happiness'). He has been canvassing for 2 years. Canvassing has opened the door for him to meet people who are afflicted and oppressed spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Presenting to them the remedy of all their problems, the word of God and Jesus who takes away the sins of world. He loves canvassing because, “by helping others he is helping himself and working out his own salvation”.

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